Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Painting 26

Painting 25

Oh hey, I'm a quarter way to my goal for the year!

Painting 24

Painting 23

Painting 22

This painting looks like something straight out of your kid's backpack after school.  That's not necessarily a bad thing!  I wanted to do a super simple tree by dabbing on the paint with a large, saturated brush.  (I did change to a rigger for the trunk.)  And even though this painting will never make it into the shop, I learned something from painting it, and that's really the whole point.

Interesting close up:

Painting 21

Familiar content, but in acrylic.  I really like to take a certain subject then paint it in a variety of media.

In the background you can see the palette and paint tubes:

Painting 20

Familiar subject matter, but in pastel